This webpage is created by me, paid for by me and it takes a lot of work to do this you probably never work harder than when you are trying to save your own life.

  At this point, there’s nowhere else to go.

 My name is Shelley I'm a private citizen and Tundra is my real life service dog. This is a webpage I created in March 2018 and Published in April 2018. I guess you could say Tundra inspired me to create this outlet . I originally started this page to post photos of Tundra my service dog and all the life saving tasks she provides for me but its not possible to post photos of all the tasks she provides for me because most of the essential tasks she provides are never seen in public nor do I feel like I need to share my personal and private life with people I don't know, having said that here I am, why should I feel ashamed of what other people did to me, but I assure you I am because that's the way I have been made to feel within a system that was supposed to do the opposite. On that I'm not alone.

 The services Tundra provides to me in my everyday life is essential , she saves my life everyday.

Know the difference.

 As I have said on my art website my career is a visual artist. Fittingly,sexual harassment was the beginning of the end of my career, my career, I often wonder if I didn't reject the sexual advances where would it have gotten me ? A bought women. A muse. Not my cup of tea.  When I was a little girl dreaming of being a great artist, it never crossed my mind. On all the art excursions I have taken with the exception of two I was always treated as a equal and with respect, the sexual harassment seemed most prevalent when trying to sell my art. I paint to sell my art not keep it.  That's why the word career not hobby. It's interesting though as I have discovered people like to abuse artists. If you sell lawn mowers you have a business, if your an artist and you sell art, somehow were different. You have a business and I'm just a lost in space dreamer with no real clue about real life.  I have no idea what invoicing is or book keeping, inventory or supply management. No idea what advertising is, I don't work 8 hour days I work 16 hour days I do it all for free, so I can pay myself with pixi dust at the end of each week and that will pay all my bills forever, canvas and paints are free to all artists and frames don't cost money we pay the suppliers fairy dust, and paintings just happen. I'm totally crazy. Isn't that what every women is who doesn't do what a abuser wants them to do.

Tundra as well as myself have been very badly exploited. I doubt this will do much for my art career, but it's part of it and that is the truth. How will I be remembered I sometimes wonder. Who will care what I said or did and why do you care what I say or do now.

 Nothing on this webpage about me is for sale and nothing is to be to be exploited. I request you respect this statement.

 After abuse you go through safety planning, here's the truth, you can take all the measures you want but if someone is going to hurt you they will do it anyway.

 Another thing is online safety. This webpage isn't here becasue I want it to be. It's here  because I have to be here.

 That is the truth, that is not a choice, its survival.

 Unless you've experienced these sort of abuses it'd be hard to understand.

Who do you end up detesting more the people who abused you or the people who did nothing but could have.  I've found both, its equal. I detest the people who did it and someday's, the people who didn't do anything other days. But the people who did it never had  trust or confidence  and the people who didn't do anything were the people who I was supposed to call so that makes them worse.

  Speak out or suffer in silence. I'm not going to suffer in silence.

You can't stop abuse if you don't speak out.


 I'm dedicating some of this site to information pertaining to sexual harassment and assault. Remember, essentials to survival -  This shouldn't be one of them.