My name is Shelley, Tundra is my service dog and this is a webpage I created for reasons that few could understand. I guess you could say Tundra also gives me this outlet to express my frustration, it was going to be a webpage about how much I love my service dog, there is a very famous painting by Sir Edwin Landseer called " saved" I use to have a newfoundland dog,no word of a lie, Tundra is this dog to me. I love Tundra more than I love myself. As I have said on my website my career was a visual artist. I' don't know how to unbe someone who creates visual art.

 Tundra as well as myself has been very badly exploited, and she is my only safety so I am having to remove photos of her.

This webpage is created by me, paid for by me and it takes a lot of work to do this you probably never work harder than when you are trying to save your own life.

 Nothing on this webpage about me is for sale or to be exploited, but some would wonder. If you'd like to buy something from me you can visit   After abuse you go through safety planning, here's the truth, you can take all the measures you want but if someone is going to hurt you they will do it anyway. Another thing is online safety, you know, don't use your real name, cover your tracks, but in some cases exactly the opposite is required and this is one of those cases. I'm not here becasue I want to be, I'm here because I have to be.

 Its the only thing I have " in case" something happens to me because of someone else. That is the truth, that is not a choice, its called survival.

 Unless you've experienced these sort of abuses it'd be hard to understand.


If you've come here from you'll have a better understanding of evolvment of my internet presence.

Know when to speak up know when to stay silent,  speak out or suffer in silence. You can't stop abuse if you don't speak out. Speak out against abuse.

I thought Id take some time and dedicate some of this site to sharing some information pertaining to sexual harassment and assault. To escape and survive abuse I have found its important to remember, essential to survival and also easier said than done, probably similar to the adage "do as I say, not as I do". I struggle with it everyday. Never be ashamed of what someone else did to you.  People who protect abusers should be ashamed of themselves.

 As you scroll though my page, be reminded, I've experience a lot of traumactic injuries from all of this, in addition I have a very real learning disability so to do this would have been hard even without the traumatic injury, here we go.... on July 11, 2016 persons unknown to me entered my home illegally took control of all my property and had unfettered access to every piece of personal and private information a person could possible have for more than several months , I couldn't do anything and all the services that should have helped  didn't do anything or passed the buck to someone else or some other service and know one did anything. It's not a comforting feeling, its extremely violating, in a sense the feeling I have is my life was not worth trying to save and a lot of real harm resulted.

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