My name is Shelley and this is a website I created for reasons that few could understand.

 Its really more about my life, I feel like living, so its like a self protective measure. I know some may find it hard to believe

someone could be so intimidated and harassed this is the result, but it true. I will never trust provincial authorities  in the province of Ontario, you have lost my confidence 110%. The worst thing you can do to someone who has been victimized is to revictimzed them through deception which you continuously do. It can't be undone. I will never forgive what transpired. You have lost my confidence, and trust forever.

Tundra is the name of my service dog and the dog you see is her. Tundra also is computer literate and has a pawprint online, part of her service to me.

I thought I'd end up making a a living legacy to my service dog eventually. I try not to ad to much swag its all very meaningful.

FOOD AND CLEAN WATER basic needs for all living things.

Its not a benefit its a necessity of life.

P.S there are no calories in water. So effectively you could have all the water you want and still starve.

Respect is free and something very few seem to know how to give.