My name is Shelley and this is my dog Tundra, Tundra is my service dog and this is a website I created for reasons that few could understand. I'm sharing my experience of abuse, its a safety measure. After abuse you go through safety planning, here's the truth, you can take all the measures you want but if someone is going to hurt you they will do it anyway. Another thing is online safety, you know, don't use your real name, cover your tracks, but in some cases exactly the opposite is required and this is one of those cases. I'm not here becasue I want to be, I'm here because I have to be.

 Its the only thing I have " in case" something happens to me because of someone else. That is the truth, that is not a choice, its called survival.

 Unless you've experienced these sort of abuses it'd be hard to understand.

  what is cultural appropiation?

If you've come here from you'll have a better understanding of evolvement of my internet presence. Its funny because I still feel very silenced.

                     Here is Tundra today. She does have a service dog vest which she wears when in public, like in the shopping mall.  Which is sort of what this is, but the shoppers here are a bit different they only take. Most people really don't care what happened to me, my service dog, what we lost, or how we were effected or for that matter other people who had similar experiences. However for the ones that do...its makes a difference. Gossip is good when the talk it cheap. People who gossip usually have nothing exciting in there own lives.  How sad that is....So for that, I wish you something exciting. Its like the shopping mall, in a real shopping mall that would be some sort of exploitation of a vulnerable person. This is not gossip.

                                                                                                             Clan of the Cave e Mammoth Hunter